Easy Beef & Onion Stir Fry

Easy Beef & Onion Stir Fry


Beef and Onion Stir Fry is a delicious and quick meal that you can make at home.

It's all about cooking thin slices of beef with onions in a hot pan, making a tasty dish that's bursting with flavor.

You will Need

The beef is cut into thin strips so it cooks fast and stays tender. When you cook it up, it gets a nice brown color and a mouthwatering aroma.

Onions play a big role in this dish, adding their natural sweetness and a hint of crunch. They get cooked until they're soft and golden.

Speaking of the sauce, it's a simple yet savory blend of soy sauce, a touch of sugar, and oyster sauce.

You can customize your Beef and Onion Stir Fry by adding colorful veggies like bell peppers or broccoli.

In just a short time, you'll have a plate of this delicious stir fry ready to enjoy. It's a perfect choice for a quick, homemade meal that's sure to satisfy your taste buds!

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